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Tips for growth

*Follow and unfollow

*Stay in your niche

*Post at least 3 posts a day

*Interact with your followers

*Encourage viewers to like, comment and share

*Make your account a professional account, not personal or business

*Make your professional account a video creator or digital creator. If you want to post images, make your account a photographer

*Hashtags (use 3, Some broad and some narrow)

*NEVER buy followers

*Focus on reach, not followers

*Align yourself with other creators in your niche (the squad)

*Consistency is key

*On Facebook, join groups with your page and invite them to like your page

*With ads, have a clear call-to-action to like your page

*With YouTube shorts, experiment to see how you can get your watch time to at least over 75%

*Have a clear call-to-action at the end of your video

*Use 3-6 hashtags

*Stay consistent

What the process of content creation/finding content looks like:

*Decide the content you want to create

*Canva, Inshot and Capcut are the best tools

*Look what other content creators are doing to see what works (but build your own brand/be authentic)

*If you are a pastor, focus on maintaining high-quality editing

*If you post pictures, the shorter, the better, but don't neglect info

*You can find inspiration on Christian Facebook groups and pinterest

*You can keep it plain, or follow an aesthetic

*Add trending Christian music to the image

*Encourage engagement in the caption, or last slide of a carousel

*Reaction videos do well, or videos where you have a powerful quote

*You can balance your content between really edifying content and content that you know will feed the algorithm

*People are desperate for apologetics, so that is something that we would recommend you incorporate

*You can download content through Facebook video downloader/YouTube video downloaders or TikTok video downloaders on Chrome

*Collaborate with people on Instagram

*Take a look at your insights to see when your followers are most, active so that you can post at that time

*Keep it relatable. Post content that you would want to see

*You will get hate, but don't get into arguments in the comments. You can reply to comments, but make sure that your tone doesn't sound arrogant

*Constantly take a look at your analytics to see what content works best

*Never forget that the goal is to reach people for Christ

*Contact Jacques on WhatsApp at (+27)836589002

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